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Professional Lawn Care

Professional Lawn Care

Good Nature Landscaping has been caring for lawns in the Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph areas for over 30 years.

Good lawn care is a science and our landscaping team has the experience!  Our landscapers can help you maintain and care for your residential or commercial lawn no mater the size.  Our landscapers will create a plan to help care for your lawn with a proper mowing schedule, aeration and dethatching as well as proper fertilization and can recommend a proper watering schedule.


Lawn aeration is when tiny holes are created in the soil which help air and water to penetrate the soil which can become compacted over time and through the seasons.  By aerating your residential or commercial lawn it helps the grass roots to grow deeper and stronger which produces a thicker and stronger lawn.  This in turn makes it harder for weeds and crab grass to take root.  Lawn aeration is performed by our knowledgeable and experienced landscapers using proper aeration equipment.



Thatch is comprised of dead leaves, stems and organic mater that build up on top of the soil and makes it harder for grass roots to take hold.  Thatch can look brown or light brown and cause grass to thin or die.  Dethatching will help to remove this organic matter and open up the area for grass to grow thick and healthy.

It’s important that aeration and dethatching are done by professionals as too much or too little of either can damage your lawn.


Contact us about our lawn care and we will help to put in place a proper lawn care plan for your residential or commercial property.