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Landscaping Services Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph & Cambridge Ontario

Good Nature Landscaping Has Been Providing Services For Over 30 Years in Guelph

We are an experienced and landscaping and snow removal company that has been in and operating in Guelph for over 30 years.  We service many repeat clients for both their winter and summer needs in Guelph and work with commercial clients of all sizes as well as residential clients.

Our services include:

Commercial Lawn and Property Maintenance in Guelph

We work with commercial businesses and property owners in Guelph and build a seasonal plan to help maintain their lawn. We offer everything from maintenance to dethatching, aeration, fertilization and weed control.  Depending on your property and needs we can also assist with flower bed, shrub and tree maintenance as well as litter pick up.  Seasonally we can also assist in fall and spring property clean up of the lawn but also walkways and parking lots. We will always ensure your lawn and property is properly cared for and reflects well on your business.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Guelph 

Allow us to elevate the look of your business or property with our landscape design services. Our team can work with you to build the perfect design to enhance the beauty of your location which can include:

  • Flower beds, shrubs and trees appropriate to the climate and your property size and layout
  • Retaining walls, stone walk ways and stone patios
  • Rock, Water or Fire elements to make your business or building stand out or a nice oasis retreat for your employees or tenants

No matter the landscape design you have in mind we can build and then maintain it.

Residential Landscaping Services in Guelph

Caring for your lawn is a labour intensive task and if you are too busy, we can help.  We can price our services to match your needs, whether you simply need to maintain your lawn or need additional services such as dethatching, aeration, fertilization and weed control.  We can also assist in maintaining shrubs, flower beds and trees.

Are you looking for a backyard oasis? Want your front yard to be the envy of the neighbours?  Our landscape design and build services for both front and back yards can bring the dreams for your yard to life. We will build your design to enhance the beauty of your home.  Our landscapers can also build simple to complex stone patios, wood patios and relaxing water elements like waterfalls and ponds or fire elements that meet the Guelph by laws.


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